Arboriculture Training Courses

Tree Worker Climbing Fundamentals

This course is designed from 16 years in teaching beginners to climb trees and become safe, efficient production climbers. This 3-day class is a primer to give those new to the industry the basic skills needed to begin a career as a climbing arborist.

This is a 3-day, 25 hour class. Students must be physically fit, able to perform tasks such as grasping, pulling, and lifting weights up to 100 pounds. All climbing gear is provided. Students only need appropriate clothing for working outdoors in rough terrain/weather.

    The following skills and concepts will be addressed:
  • Tree climbing knots and hitches
  • Visual Tree Assessment (VTA)
  • Throw line techniques
  • Stationary Rope Technique/ Work Positioning SRT/WP
  • Doubled Rope Technique (DdRT) rope systems
  • Spur climbing techniques
  • ANSI safety guidelines
  • Industry terms
  • Simple Mechanical Advantage theory
  • Accident Prevention and Awareness

All students will receive a Certificate of Competency upon successful demonstration of the required tasks set forth.

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SRT Module 1

This course will train the climber in canopy access techniques using rope walker systems. Also covered will be rappel techniques, isolating anchors, basal anchor systems, self-rescue techniques, and transfer to DdRT.

Hybrid systems are also covered in this class, including the use of Hybrid work positioning systems or what is referred to as SRWP (Single Rope Work Positioning). We will use devices like the Unicender, Hitch Hiker, and the Rope Wrench in traditional rope walker systems, go over redirects, resetting the SRT line, and self rescue.

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