Aerial Rescue Course Descriptions

Aerial Rescue Module 1

This course is the primer for all tree workers to enable them to conduct common aerial rescue evolutions. The day starts out with discussion about incident prevention, moving on to self rescue as a standard, scene size up, and primary assessment procedures. There will be demonstration of simple mechanical advantage systems, followed up by spar pole rescue and crew based pick-off rescues, as well as single person rescuer drills. Also, we will go over setup procedures for working with rescue units from the fire service. There is a competency test at the end of the course.

* Participants must be experienced in doubled rope climbing techniques as well as spur climbing. Personal PPE, climbing harness, and appropriate clothing must be worn by students.

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Aerial Rescue module 2

This is an intermediate/advanced rescue class for tree workers. Techniques covered in Module 1 will be reviewed as well as more advanced pick off systems, confined space drills, setting up highlines for spar pole pick-offs, patient assessment, packaging and wound care will also be covered. This a two-day course. Days will run as long as 10 hours.

* First Aid/CPR certification is required for participants, in addition to competency in doubled rope technique systems, spur climbing, and basic knowledge of mechanical advantage systems.

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