Core Course Descriptions

Ascension Group instructors have distilled the most often-needed training topics into preset courses. These training courses cover theory, technique, and application with an emphasis on safety and practical use. The class descriptions below describe the core courses developed by Ascension Group. If your aerial work or rescue training needs are not met by one of these courses, view the information on custom training courses.

Aerial Rescue

Aerial rescue situations are faced by emergency medical services, fire fighters, arborists, and military personnel when a person is injured or incapacitated at height. All tree care companies and EMS services need to have rescue plans in place and rehearsed to be able to respond to a life-threatening emergency. The modules in the Aerial Rescue course cover rescue technique and preparedness.

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Arboriculture involves all elements of aerial work, from climbing to rigging. Training can make crews safer and more efficient, increasing productivity and profitability. Recent innovation in tree climbing and rigging techniques are explained in detail by Ascension Group instructors with years of experience in the field.

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Recreational Climbing

Recreational tree climbing is an outdoor activity growing in popularity around the world. Techniques to make recreational tree climbing safe and memorable are presented in beginner-friendly modules.

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Tree rigging for removal or pruning is one of the most technical elements of tree work. Ascension group instructors bring years of field experience to bear with modern techniques to create rigging courses that cover beginning, intermediate, and advanced tree rigging.

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Rope Access

Rope access courses cover ascending, rappeling, and working systems. Rope access is a cross-discipline study used in tree climbing, industrial rope access, and other areas.

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