Testimonials for Ascension Group Courses and Instructors

Ascension Group provides professional instructor in high angle disciplines for workers at all levels of competency. The instructors at Ascension Group care deeply about safety and professionalism, and the development of the field. Here you can read feedback from students of previous tree climbing, aerial rescue, and rigging classes.

Got something to say? Ascension Group wants to hear it. Let us know how we did at the class you attended by emailing feedback@AscensionGroupNW.com.

Feedback from Previous Students

"Thanks for the great classes! See you in the fall."

Loren, Rigging Module 1 Participant.

Loren was kind enough to share his pictures from the Aerial Rescue and Rigging classes: here. Thanks, Loren.


"Dave, thank you for your time and effort in putting the AR class together, it was by far the best hands on class we have attended yet."

Trent, Aerial Rescue Participant

"Dear Dave: This letter is to say "thanks" for referring Ethan to us. Ethan has quickly become an integral part of our operation and an essential member of the team. As you know it can very difficult to find qualified help in our industry and Ethan has turned out to be just that and more.

Because of Ethan's previous training and experience we were able to immediately trust him in a supervisory role. Both his climbing and pruning skills were up to our rigorous standards and he has demonstrated a consistent attitude of "safety first."

Thanks again for referring Ethan to our company. It is obvious that you invested considerable time and effort in training him to a high standard; now we are reaping the benefit!"

-Scot Selby, Arborist Representative Bartlett Tree Experts, Four Seasons Tree Division.
"Excellent instruction. Good balance between casual delivery of material and effective, direct, serious discussion of technical information."
Class Participant, Aerial Rescue
"Knowledgable instruction with precise, hands-on training."
Class Participant, Aerial Rescue
"Topics were well-addressed and many different techniques were covered that could be used for almost any scenario."
Class Participant, Aerial Rescue
"I really appreciated the time spent in developing a comprehensive course in aerial rescue and especially enjoyed the hands-on work."
Class Participant, Aerial Rescue

"I was impressed with the time taken by David Stice to work with me on rappelling techniques. Even though I wasn't "getting it" for some time, he remained patient and calm and worked with me until I was comfortable with operation of the Unicender."

-Nathan, SRT Training Participant
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