Ascension Group Northwest

Welcome to Ascension Group Northwest

Our specialty is Aerial Rescue and Rope Access for Arborists, Firefighters, Military, and Industrial personnel. Our instructors have diverse backgrounds in working at height, ranging from mountaineering, arboriculture, search and rescue and industrial rope access.

We not only provide the best training possible but we continually push ourselves in our own training programs and develop new techniques to create safe and efficient work systems.

Safety is critical at Ascension group and is tied directly to production, which means more money for our clients. Our training style is based on realities found in every day workplace situations. Our goal is to make our clients' jobs safer, easier, and more productive which translates to a higher quality of life.

Access Training

Ascension Group Northwest provides professional training in work at heights, aerial rescue, technical rigging, and rope access climbing techniques. View the custom courses page to get started.

Petzl Technical Partner

Ascension Group NW is a Petzl Technical Partner. Our expertise in the use of Petzl equipment is at your service for training in access, inspection, and safety in work at height. Contact us for your training needs.

Our partner, WesSpur Tree Equipment, is your trusted supplier of for all Petzl Professional equipment.

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